12 July 2023

Advancing biodiversity research with the BioDT framework: enhancing digital twins - webinar highlights

One year since its inception, the BioDT team has made progress in the technical advancements of its digital twin prototype. The outcomes of this work were recently unveiled during the engaging webinar "Advancing Biodiversity Research with the BioDT Framework: Enhancing Digital Twins," held on 8 June 2023.
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22 May 2023

Digital twins: dynamic model-data fusion for ecology - BioDT on Cell Press' Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Digital twins revolutionise ecology by enabling continuous monitoring. Initiatives like DestinE and BioDT leverage them to study and protect biodiversity for a sustainable future.
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15 May 2023

Real-time bird monitoring for the benefit of science

Data gathered via the Muuttolintujen kevät mobile application will be used as input data for a purpose-designed digital twin for bird distribution modelling in BioDT.
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11 May 2023

LUMI: a force for biodiversity research

The LUMI supercomputer will be providing computational and data storage services for the biodiversity digital twins to be developed as a part of the BioDT project.
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24 April 2023

BioDT launches its official Community on LifeWatch ERIC platform

BioDT is looking forward to welcoming researchers on the brand-new community platform, encouraging interactions and discussions on biodiversity research.
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21 April 2023

Investing in our planet with digital twins to tackle climate change and protect biodiversity: an Earth Day review of the latest BioDT webinar

In the wider context of Earth Day 2023, BioDT hosted the webinar "Digital Earth Twins to build resilience to climate change" on 4 April 2023. We had the chance to introduce the Destination Earth initiative and take a closer look at the expanding ecosystem of projects working on digital twins, addressing key challenges such as climate change and biodiversity protection.
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02 February 2023

BioDT at the Finnish Night of Science

BioDT Project Manager Jesse Harrison and Aleksi Kallio, BioDT Leader for Digital Twin Advanced Technical Platform were interviewed about our Biodiversity Digital Twin project (BioDT) at the annual Finnish Night of Science (Tieteiden yö).
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13 December 2022

Describing Twins for Biodiversity use cases

Let's take a look at the new template created to describe BioDT use cases and how digital twins fit into them.
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18 November 2022

The BioDT use cases: unique demonstrators to test the biodiversity Digital Twin prototype

The BioDT use cases help better predict global biodiversity dynamics and how species interact with their environment and with each other. In September 2022 they were presented during an internal workshop from 5 to 7 September 2022 and a public webinar, hosted online on 27 September. Read the main highlights from the public event and learn more about their overarching objectives.
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21 July 2022

The Biodiversity Digital Twin: a new solution to support protection and restoration of ecosystems

BioDT aims to bring together a dynamic team of experts in biodiversity, High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, digital twinning and FAIR data to develop a Biodiversity Digital Twin prototype to push the current boundaries of predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics. During the 1st webinar organised on 13 July, the project team explained how BioDT is bringing all of this forward.
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