The BioDT project, in parallel to developing a number of prototype Digital Twins (pDTs), also provides the technical expertise and support that research communities and end users need to effectively use the DTs and run data projects on them.

More specifically, BioDT develops and delivers a user-oriented and customised training programme that includes tailored training products on a variety of topics – designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance pDTs use and impact – and in different formats – such as webinars, videos, documentation, tutorials, guidelines and courses – for its identified target user groups and their respective training needs.


Who is this Training platform for?

Stakeholders Citizen Science Organizations

Citizen Science Organizations

Stakeholders Open Science Platforms and Intermediaries

Open Science Platforms and Intermediaries

Stakeholders Policy-Making Organizations

Policy-Making Organizations

Stakeholders Publisher


Stakeholders Research Funding Organizations

Research Funding Organizations

Stakeholders Research Libraries

Research Libraries

Stakeholders Researchers


Stakeholders Scientific Societies and Academies

Scientific Societies and Academies

Stakeholders Universities & Research Organizations

Universities & Research Organizations


Some examples of the proposed training topics are:

  • pDTs documentation and user tutorials
  • Data and use case specific training
  • How to use/adopt a pDT with own research questions
  • Usage of Shiny app for interaction with DTs
  • How to develop Shiny GUI manual
  • Basic principles of modelling
  • How to write a metadata description for your dataset
  • Data FAIRness and FAIR principles

Training contents hosted on the training platform are completely open and can be explored either navigating the full list of  contents in offer or filtered per use case, skill, target audience and format.

In the coming months, alongside with the progresses in the development of the pDTs, these and other training materials and resources will be designed, developed and offered on the BioDT training platform that can be accessed clicking on the button below.


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