LifeWatch ERIC

Introduction to LifeWatch ERIC

LifeWatch ERIC is the e-Science European infrastructure for biodiversity & ecosystem research, providing e-Science research facilities to scientists investigating biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services to accelerate research and innovation in the field. It tackles the constraints affecting biodiversity and ecosystem research, enabling the exploration of new frontiers in ecological science and supporting society in addressing planetary challenges linked to climate change and resource efficiency, food security and agriculture, sustainable development and energy supply, security and health. It provides resources and services, such as 10 research sites, 35 training resources, 12 virtual research environment (VREs), 1500+ datasets, 110+ services and 5 workflows.

LifeWatch ERIC is based on three essential components: open access resources, reproducible analytics and mobilised communities.

LifeWatch ERIC provides training for researchers and to empower citizens to engage with science and thus contribute to their own wellbeing.


Contribution to BioDT by LifeWatch ERIC

LifeWatch ERIC offers extensive access to multiple data and service resources e.g., access to biological and environmental data, as well as the provision of dedicated workflows. All data are FAIR compliant with reproducible analytics and highly mobilised communities.

LifeWatch ERIC is assisting the current use cases of BioDT with its data, services and other research resources and at the same time it designs new use cases to implement and make new resources available to the relevant research communities.

In the following video, Cristina Huertas-Olivares describes the characteristics of this RI, particularly in relation to its provision of resources and services for biodiversity and ecosystem research networks