Open Ecological Data Colloquium and Workshop 2023 in Trondheim

In response to the escalating global biodiversity crisis, the 2023 Open Ecological Data Colloquium and Workshop provided an essential forum for researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders. Held from May 23rd to May 24th 2023 in Trondheim, this annual event, now in its fourth edition, featured a diverse range of sessions and speakers. The seminar held in a hybrid format explored the critical theme of bridging the gap between science and policy through open data, while the in-person workshop immersed participants in hands-on experiences, particularly focused on utilising the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

BioDT at the 2023 Open Ecological Data Colloquium and Workshop

The first day featured three engaging sessions dedicated to the uses of open biodiversity data, the emerging opportunities in open biodiversity data, and the future directions in open biodiversity data. 

During day two, Erik Kusch, BioDT project partner from GBIF, conducted the workshop showcasing how to navigate the GBIF portal, demonstrating data streams to obtain and handle data and communicate accreditation procedures. The workshop provided hands-on experiences with GBIF and surveyed existing projects mapping Norwegian biodiversity.

Participants left with enhanced knowledge, concrete skills, and a renewed commitment to open science. The 2023 event reaffirmed its role as a catalyst for a biodiverse and sustainable future.

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2023 Open Ecological Data Colloquium and Workshop
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