International Conference on High Performance Computing 2022

The International Conference on High-Performance Computing (HPC) 2022 is going to be held from 13 to 18 November in Dallas, USA. It is one of the biggest high-performance computing events and it provides an opportunity for scientists, supercomputing centers, companies, and HPC enthusiasts to meet in an international space.

During the 6-day conference, the attendees can join more than 200 sessions to gain a better understanding of our world at an unprecedented pace thanks to the powerful potential of HPC. 


BioDT at SC22

BioDT members from CSC (project coordinator) and IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center (leader of Integration and Service Uptake with Research Infrastructure Environment) are are taking part in the exhibition at this key international event:

  • Samantha Wittke, Research at CSC, is going to present the BioDT project on a dedicated booth and poster session;
  • Katerina Slaninova, Deputy Head of Research Laboratory, and Jan Martinovic, Head of Research Lab at IT4Innovations, are going to introduce the IT4I supercomputing infrastructure and research activities connected to BioDT in another dedicated booth.

Both CSC and IT4Innovations are members of the LUMI consortium, and therefore joining the SC22 gives the opportunity to all the attendees to learn more about its characteristics and how LUMI is going to support the development of the Biodiversity Digital Twin prototype.


External event
Dallas, TX, USA