eLTER PPP & PLUS Consortia meeting

The upcoming eLTER PPP & PLUS Consortia meeting is scheduled to take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from 17th to 21st April 2023. For detailed information about the event, please refer to the official website.

BioDT at the eLTER PPP & PLUS Consortia meeting

We are pleased to announce that BioDT has actively participated in the eLTER PPP & PLUS Consortia meeting. Jan Dick (UKCEH) presented a poster showcasing the Cultural Ecosystem Services Use Case. The poster aimed to highlight the collaborative efforts between researchers and the valuable biodiversity and socio-ecological data provided by eLTER Research Infrastructure sites.

One of the primary use cases of BioDT focuses on the creation of a Digital Twin that establishes a link between cultural ecosystem services, recreational potential, and biodiversity. The initial implementation of this use case is centered around the Cairngorms LTSER platform.

During the meeting, all the attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the progress of the Cultural Ecosystem Services Use Case and actively interact with BioDT members involved in its technical development.

eLTER PPP & PLUS Consortia meeting
External event
Frankfurt, Germany