Destination Earth: Participation and Upcoming Collaboration Opportunities Today

The Destination Earth initiative is focusing on co-development with its users to ensure a greater responsiveness to the needs of decisions makers at many different geographic levels and in diverse sectors.

In this webinar organised by the ESA DestinE Core Service Platform Use Cases project (DEUC), you’ll discover exciting opportunities to actively participate in the early stages of DestinE. Aside from updates from ESA and its contractors, guest speakers from the other Entrusted Entities will also share some updates in the progress of the other DestinE components. Gain insights into our collaborative approach and learn how your involvement can shape the initiative’s future.

Furthermore, we’ll introduce our cutting-edge joint website, serving as the primary communication and participation hub.

Who should attend?

  • DestinE Contractors
  • Prospective Users
  • Interested Parties
  • Member State Representatives
  • Media


Time Title Presentation
12:00 Introduction
Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT)
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12:05 DESP Overview
Ines Sanz Morere (ESA)
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12:10 DESP Timeline
Barbara Borgia (Serco)
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12:17 DESP Use Case Opportunities
Antonio Romeo (RHEA)
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12:22 Digital Twins and Digital Twin Engine
Irina Sandu (ECMWF)
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12:36 Data Lake
Danaele Puechmaille (EUMETSAT)
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12:43 Brief presentation of the website & future plans
Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT)
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12:51 Community Building Strategy
Eleni Karachaliou (AUTh)
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12:55 Audience Q&A
Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT)


BioDT and DestinE

BioDT and the DestinE initiative have established a fruitful cooperation, driven by their shared focus on the Digital Twin realm. This collaboration ensures a powerful alliance in leveraging the potential of digital twins to tackle global environmental issues.

Building upon this synergy, the two initiatives co-organised the webinar titled "Digital Earth Twins to build resilience to climate change" in April 2023. This special event coincided in the month of the Earth Day, serving as a platform to highlight the ever-growing ecosystem of projects centred around digital twins. The webinar specifically addressed crucial issues like climate change and the preservation of biodiversity.

If you missed it, read the main highlights and watch the recording of the webinar!

Destination Earth webinar July 2023
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