BioDT at the TDWG Conference 2023

The TDWG 2023 Conference is set to take place in the city of Hobart, Tasmania, offering an exciting opportunity for professionals to come together and explore the latest advancements in biodiversity data standards.

Hosted by ALA (Atlas of Living Australia) and NRCA (National Research Collections Australia), the TDWG 2023 Conference invites participants to join them in the southern hemisphere, for a truly unique experience in the picturesque city of Hobart. Known for its breathtaking waterfront and famous Sydney to Hobart Regatta finish line, the Hobart Conference Center will be the hub for engaging in-person discussions, as well as offering remote participation options for those unable to travel.


BioDT at the TDWG Conference 2023

BioDT partners, Dmitry Schigel (GBIF) and Dag Endresen (University of Oslo), are co-organising a Symposium session on "Exchange and Reuse of Environmental DNA and Metabarcoding Data" as part of the TWGD Conference.

This session focuses on Metabarcoding of DNA, a standard tool for species detection in environmental samples like soil, water, and air. Researchers typically share raw sequence data, code, and metadata in repositories like GitHub and Dryad. However, for biodiversity research, raw sequences have limited applications compared to interpreted DNA metabarcoding data. The latter is often presented in ASV/OTU-tables containing sequence abundances and associated metadata. Unfortunately, these data are seldom shared in a standardised manner, hindering their broader reuse and integration with other biodiversity data and studies. The session aims to discuss ways to promote FAIR publication and standardization of biodiversity data for seamless integration and improved research outcomes.

The insights gained from this session will be invaluable in advancing the development of the Biodiversity Digital Twin prototype.

At Symposium 11, Combining biodiversity and environmental data for addressing scientific and societal questions, on 12 October, 2023, 11.00–12.30 AEDT, Gretel, Australia, Sharif Islam (Naturalis) presents the paper “Data Standards and Interoperability Challenges for Biodiversity Digital Twin: A novel and transformative approach to biodiversity research and application”, co-authored by Hanna Koivula, Dag Endresen, Erik Kusch, Dmitry Schigel and Wouter Addink.

The presentation showcases the BioDT project that prototypes digital twins based on use cases that span various data complexities, from point occurrence data to bioacoustics, covering nationwide forest states to specific communities and individual species.

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Join the TWGD Conference from 8 to 13 October 2023 and actively participate in these discussions to drive progress in environmental DNA and metabarcoding data sharing. Visit the conference website for registration and more information.

BioDT at the TWGD 2023
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Hobart, Tasmania