BioDT at European Big Data Value Forum 2022 - EBDVF22

The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) brings together industry professionals, business developers, researchers and policy-makers from all over Europe and other regions of the world to advance policy actions, and industrial and research activities in the areas of Data and AI.

This year, the event takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, on November 21-23, with a central theme of “At the Heart of the Ecosystem for Data and AI”.

BioDT at EBDVF22

On Tuesday 22 November, Jeroen Broekhuijsen, TNO, presented the BioDT project at the session "Digital Twin Standards and Interoperability", showcasing:

  • the project's main goals,
  • digital twins cycle and patterns,
  • twin standards and interoperability,
  • synergies

This session reported on the results from integration of Big Data and AI technologies into Digital Twins and the relationship to ongoing standardisation activities. The projects illustrated their potential use and impact on standards in particular related to asset-oriented or geo-spatial digital twins and their interoperability.

    The IT4I Innovations team - among the event organisers - also represented BioDT at the exhibition.

    European Big Data Value Forum 2022
    External event
    Prague, Czech Republic