BioDT at the EGU General Assembly 2024

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2024, happening in Vienna, Austria, from April 14th to 19th, with options for online participation, is an important event for scientists in Earth, planetary, and space sciences. This annual meeting encourages scientists, including those early in their careers, to share their research and discuss ideas across a wide range of geoscience topics.

What is the EGU?

The EGU is a key organisation for Earth, planetary, and space science research in Europe. Its General Assembly is an opportunity for scientists from various disciplines to come together, present their findings, and learn from each other.

BioDT and eLTER at the EGU General Assembly 2024

This year, the assembly includes a session focused on how we can better share and use data across Earth and environmental sciences. The BioDT project will be represented by Christoph Wohner from eLTER, who will present a Grassland Dynamics pDT with the presentation entitled "eLTER and its role in providing in-situ data for large-scale research projects to model biodiversity dynamics" on the 17th of April, 2024, at 16.15 (CEST), Room -2.16.

This presentation will highlight the importance of using real-world data to understand biodiversity and its changes. Wohner’s talk is a chance to show how projects like eLTER help scientists use data more effectively. The integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological Research (eLTER) is an emerging pan-European, in-situ Research Infrastructure (RI). Once fully established, it will serve multiple scientific communities with high-level central facilities and distributed well-instrumented eLTER sites. In the Horizon Europe project Biodiversity Digital Twin (BioDT), eLTER already plays the role of a provider for European datasets, in particular for the Grassland Dynamics prototype digital twin. By sharing data and making it easier for others to use, we can improve our understanding of the environment and how it's changing.

Data sharing is essential for tackling big environmental questions. By working together and using data from different sources, scientists can get a better picture of the Earth’s processes. The BioDT project’s participation in the EGU General Assembly is an example of how sharing knowledge and experiences can help everyone in the field do better research.

The EGU General Assembly 2024 is a key opportunity for scientists to connect, learn, and share. The involvement of the BioDT project, through Christoph Wohner's presentation, highlights the growing recognition of the importance of data sharing in understanding our planet. It's an opportunity for all attending to see how combining data from different sources can lead to new discoveries and better solutions for environmental challenges.

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BioDT at the EGU General Assembly 2024
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Vienna, Austria