BioDT 1st nodes workshop

The University of Warsaw’s Biological and Chemical Research Centre in Warsaw, Poland, is all set to host the Workshop on Biodiversity RI (Research Infrastructure) Nodes Coordination and Governance Models on May 17 and 18. The workshop aims to target the national RI landscape and network building, with a focus on collaboration and synergy between bioRIs, in particular, on the national level.

The workshop will showcase how to coordinate and establish governance models for biodiversity RI nodes. To ensure that GBIF ECA nodes' input is captured.

The participants of the workshop will discuss various topics, including the representation of each RI (set of services) in each country, the need for a central fallback limited service to cover countries lagging behind for a particular bioRI set of services, and how to ensure that the bioRIs deliver complementary services that fuse well into a coherent whole.

The event is a closed workshop, where only invited speakers can attend.

BioDT nodes workshop
Internal event
Warsaw, Poland