1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects

One of the crucial aspect to take into account when dealing with and exchanging data is to make sure they are FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interopeable and Reusable) for both humans and machines. FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) facilitate the management of FAIR data, thanks to the usage of artificial intelligence and robust ways to store and disseminate data and metadata, while easing the handling of high volumes of information.

Given the crucial role played by FDOs in the research field, the FAIR Digital Objects Forum, the city of Leiden and Naturalis are co-organising, for the first time, the 1st International Conference of FAIR Digital Objects. The event welcomes technical, scientific, industrial, and science-policy stakeholders with the aim to boost the development and implementation of Fair Digital Objects worldwide and transform the Internet into a meaningful data space.

The event takes place in Leiden, The Netherlands, from 26 to 28 October 2022 and represents a great opportunity for international experts in the FAIR and FDO fields to contribute to the transformative process of turning FAIR data into reality in a systemic way.


BioDT at the 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects

Developing the biodiversity Digital Twin prototype platform requires the adoption of FAIR principles, considering the huge amount of data included in the DT.

Dr. Sharif Islam, Data Architect at Naturalis and BioDT Quality of Data, Workflows and Model Leader, is joining the event presenting the scientific publication "From data pipelines to FAIR data infrastructures: A vision for the new horizons of bio- and geodiversity data for scientific research", on behalf of the DISSCo research infrastructure, that explains how FDO can be part of the BioDT Digital Twin.

1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects
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Leiden, The Netherlands