EuroHPC Summit 2023

The EuroHPC Summit is an annual event gathering key European HPC stakeholders from providers, to scientific and industrial users, to policy makers.

The Summit is an important moment to showcase the latest achievements and opportunities in the European supercomputing ecosystem, but also to discuss and reflect on the current and future challenges in HPC. The event provides also a great opportunity for attendees to network and connect with the European HPC community.

The EuroHPC Summit takes place from 20 to 23 March 2023 in Göteborg, Sweden and this year's conference theme is European Supercomputing Excellence in the Exascale Era.

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BioDT at the EuroHPC Summit

BioDT partners are going to showcase the project at the EuroHPC Summit through:

  • a panel discussion in the session "Paving the path for Digital Twins on HPC" on 21 March 2023 at 16:30, featuring BioDT partners Dirk Pleiter (KTH), Thomas Geenen (ECMWF) and Marcella Orwick Rydmark (UiO), also discussing the role played by BioDT in the digital twin landscape.
  • Radek Halfar (IT4I) will present the BioDT project, which aims to push the current boundaries of a predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics by developing a Digital Twin providing advanced modelling, simulation, and prediction capabilities.
  • a poster presentation where it is possible to meet and discover the evolution of the digital twin prototype for biodiversity research with our partners Elena Lazovik and Tomáš Karásek (IT4I) and Dirk Pleiter (KTH).
EuroHPC Summit 2023
External event
Göteborg, Sweden