BioDT at the EuroHPC Summit 2024

Also this year, the BioDT project is proud to participate in the EuroHPC Summit 2024, taking place March 18-21 in Antwerp, Belgium. This annual event is a leading gathering for key European HPC stakeholders, bringing together industry leaders, scientific researchers, policymakers, and other key figures in the European high-performance computing (HPC) ecosystem.

A Crucial Platform for European HPC

The EuroHPC Summit serves as a critical platform to showcase the latest advancements and opportunities within the European HPC landscape. It fosters discussions and reflections on the current and emerging challenges in HPC, while also providing a valuable space for attendees to network and connect with the broader European HPC community.

EuroHPC - Focus on Collaboration and Shaping the Future

This year's summit, held under the Belgian presidency, promises to be a landmark event. The agenda features a lineup of compelling sessions, some of which will be live streamed, facilitating participation for those unable to attend in person. The focus will be on fostering collaboration among relevant European HPC stakeholders, including public and private entities as well as decision-makers. This collaborative spirit aims to achieve the following:

  • Sharing the latest technological breakthroughs in HPC
  • Identifying and defining synergistic opportunities
  • Articulating current and future HPC needs
  • Shaping the future trajectory of European supercomputing

BioDT: Championing Innovation in Life Sciences

The BioDT project is involved in the EuroHPC Summit, committed to contributing to the advancements and collaborations shaping the future of European HPC. Our project is dedicated to pioneering the use of HPC resources for groundbreaking research in the life sciences, with a particular focus on biodiversity. Thomas Geenen (ECMWF) is involved in the session "Destination Earth: Challenges of Implementing Digital Twins on EuroHPC HPC Systems". 

By participating in the EuroHPC Summit, BioDT looks forward to engaging with the wider HPC community, fostering new partnerships, and propelling the future of HPC-driven life science research in Europe.

EuroHPC Summit 2024
External event
Antwerp, Belgium