BioDT and Biodiversity Research Infrastructure: Internal Workshop

The BioDT team is organising an internal workshop with four biodiversity Research Infrastructures (RIs), namely DiSSCo, eLTER, GBIF, and LifeWatch ERIC, on 10 October 2022 from 9:00 to 12:00 CEST

The event aims to increase the knowledge about the participant RIs and their users’ needs in order to create awareness of their way of working. Moreover, the event offers the opportunity to understand how the data gathered by the RIs can be aligned with the BioDT’s needs, and be used to build the Biodiversity Digital Twin.


  • Research Infrastructure presentations:
    • DiSCCo - Sharif Islam, NATURALIS
    • eLTER - Johannes Peterseil, EAA
    • GBIF - Dag Endresen, UiO
    • LifeWatch ERIC - Christina Huertas-Olivares, LifeWatch ERIC
  • Panel discussion on Research Infrastructure user needs
    • Moderator: Jesse Harrison, CSC
    • Panelists: Christos Arvanitidis - LifeWatch ERIC, Ute Skiba - UKCEH/eLTER, Emily Veltjen - INBO/DiSSCO, Erik Kusch - Aarhus University/GBIF


The event is a closed workshop, where only invited speakers can attend.

BioDT and Biodiversity Research Infrastructure: Internal Workshop
Internal event