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This page collects documents and other outputs produced within the project - including project deliverables and presentations - reflecting the dynamic BioDT community on Zenodo.

November 25, 2022

The BioDT use cases: unique demonstrators to test the biodiversity Digital Twin prototype

Giuffrida, Rita; Schigel, Dmitry; Endresen, Dag; Taubert, Franziska; Ovaskainen, Otso; Chala, Desalegn; Grimm, Volker; Kühn, Ingolf; Ingenloff, Kate; Frøslev, Tobias; Golivets, Maryna; Dick, Jan; Watkins, John; Chase, Jon; Groeneveld, Jürgen

The BioDT project aims to develop the biodiversity digital twin prototype to help better predict global biodiversity dynamics and how species interact with their environment and with each other. In order to test the work developed by the BioDT team in the t.. Read more

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July 21, 2022

The Biodiversity Digital Twin: a new solution to support protection and restoration of ecosystems

Giuffrida, Rita

The BioDT project aims to bring together a dynamic team of experts in biodiversity, High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, digital twinning and FAIR data to develop a Biodiversity Digital Twin prototype to push the current bound.. Read more

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